When you prepare for your next hunting excursion you had better prepare to clean a lot more birds. I will show you what you have been missing out on since you grew up shooting a .22 at Grandpa’s farm. Your friends will be jealous when you’re shooting all the birds and having the hunt of a lifetime.

• Wingshooting lessons
• Clay Shooting lessons
• Guided hunts

• Lessons for hunters, beginners or advanced and competitive shooters

• Learn body and foot position
• Balance
• Shoot with confidence
• Timing

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E-Mail: john@jfshooting.com
Phone: (816) 590-0285

Web: www.jfshooting.com

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John is one of the world’s premiere wingshooting and sporting clays instructors. The methods he teaches are based on his knowledge and experience gained as a professional wingshooter and as a master class competitor. With over 30 years of competition shooting and hunting experience in the United States, South America and Mexico, John has the passion to provide you the perfect wing and clay experience.

John teaches and competes in the games of sporting clays, trap, skeet, fitasc and 5-stand. Whether you’re a new shooter to the games or a seasoned competitor John can take you to new levels.


I have state of the art clay shooting equipment that can duplicate any wingshooting scenario from waterfowl to upland birds. High targets, low screaming targets, quartering and crossing shots are encountered in the field every year. Some of them are easy and some seem impossible. I will teach you the secrets to out shoot your hunting buddies with a new level of confidence. read more »

Clay Shooting

I teach and compete in the games of sporting clays, trap, skeet, fitasc and 5-stand. Whether you’re a new shooter to the games or a seasoned competitor, I can take you to new levels. I have numerous State, Regional and National titles in the clay shooting sports and have a proven track record to save you time and money while you learn to shoot. I teach a variety of shooting methods; pull away, maintained lead or swing through. We will identify your style of shooting and customize a lesson plan for you. read more »

Guided Hunts

My limited access hunts are conducted with my personal guarantee for exceptional quality and service. The hunts are all inclusive and I can tailor them to your needs to make an unforgettable hunting adventure. Experience a customized itinerary that will include shooting lessons before and during the trip, great meals, and memories that can be shared for a lifetime. read more »