When you prepare for your next hunting excursion you had better prepare to clean a lot more birds. I will show you what you have been missing out on since you grew up shooting a .22 at Grandpa’s farm. Your friends will be jealous when you’re shooting all the birds and having the hunt of a lifetime.

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• Timing

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Zoli USA

I’m pleased to annouce that Zoli North America has added me to their team. As most of you know I have been shooting these fine Italian shotguns for several years.

My Sporting gun is a Zoli Z-Extra Sport with 32′ barrels and a beautiful custom stock by Wenig Gunstocks in Lincoln, MO.

The favorite Zoli that I use for game is a 20 bore game gun. It also sports 32″ barrels and weighs in at just over 6 lbs. I have hunted numerous times in South America with that gun from pigeons to doves and pheasants and quail here in the states.